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eToro Review for Cryptocurrency 2024

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78% of retail CFD accounts lose money

eToro is an online platform for social trading and investment that allows users to trade assets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and more. With over 20 million registered active users globally, this platform is one of the most popular among cryptocurrency traders and investors. 

eToro offers a web-based platform and mobile app, both of which are user-friendly and offer a great experience. It is also available in multiple languages and offers a variety of features, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced traders.

In this eToro review for cryptocurrency, we will look at the platform’s features, fees, security, and more.

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Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Innovative social trading feature
  • Great research tools
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Cons
  • Limited customer support
  • Not available in all U.S. states

eToro Overview

eToro is an online platform that allows users to trade a variety of assets, including crypto. With a growing list of cryptocurrencies, a user-friendly interface, and fast transaction time, eToro is an excellent choice for those looking to get started in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

  • Overall
  • Fees
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Asset selection
  • Ease of account opening
  • Regulation and Security
General info
Headquarters Israel
Website Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, 14+
Regulated check
Country of Regulation UK, Cyprus, Australia, Seychelles, US, Gibraltar
Regulation Type FCA / CySEC / ASIC / SEC / FSC / FSA
Account Base Currencies USD
Staking and Rewards check
Minimum Deposit $10 to $10,000
Deposit Fee $0
Deposit Types Bank wire / Credit Card / PayPal / Skrill / Neteller / POLi Payments / Przelewy 24 / Payoneer / Rapid Transfer / Klarna
Minimum Withdrawal $30
Withdrawal Fees $5
Crypto-to-Crypto Trading Pairs uncheck
Cryptocurrencies as CFDs check
Islamic Account check
Demo Account check
Research & Education Tools check
Customer Support Email / Live chat / Phone
Customer Support Languages English
Support Days & Hours 24/7
Automated Trading uncheck
Social Trading check
Copy Trading check

Company Background

eToro’s status as the world’s leading social trading network goes back to 2010, when a social trading feature was introduced. The idea was to allow users to automatically mimic and execute successful traders’ eToro trades. It was a revolutionary concept then – and it remains a unique platform feature today.

The platform was also among the very first brokerages to adopt crypto, starting with Bitcoin in 2014. Now the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was a new player in the game then, but eToro users were already able to buy and sell CFDs on it. Ether and Ripple were added to the platform not long after, followed by several digital assets as the market for crypto continued to grow.

How Does eToro Work?

For this 360-degree eToro crypto trading review, we also take an in-depth look at how the platform works, specifically for cryptocurrencies. eToro offers cryptocurrencies on top of other investment products like stocks and EFTs. The platform is conveniently web-based, with no requirement to download or install any software. The mobile apps are available for download on iOS and Android.

eToro is very beginner-friendly, as it offers a demo account credited with $100,000 in a virtual portfolio. This allows users to evaluate the platform before risking any real money.

Trading on eToro is also very straightforward, but it differs depending on the geographic location of traders. US-based crypto traders can buy unleveraged crypto assets directly on the platform, while non-US trades can trade crypto price movements through leveraged CFDs.

US-based cryptocurrency traders buy the physical asset and obtain ownership in their eToro wallet. Non-US-based traders deal with CFDs and never own the underlying asset.

To use the platform, users only need to deposit fiat currency, like U.S. dollars, into their accounts. They can also transfer other cryptocurrencies, link their bank account, or do a wire transfer instead– whichever is most convenient.

Some of the benefits of trading cryptocurrencies on eToro are:

  • High volatility: When trading crypto, volatility can be an ally. Major assets like Bitcoin, which move approximately 5% lower or higher daily, give traders a lot of opportunities to trade in either direction
  • Leverage: Trading crypto with CFDs on eToro allows users to employ leverage so that they can trade larger amounts of money. That is, trading amounts much higher than you have deposited, and thus an opportunity to magnify gains. eToro offers leverage of x2 (twice your deposit amount) on all eToro supported cryptocurrency. Note that US persons or residents cannot trade CFDs.
  • Low investment requirements: Trading on eToro does not have high entry barriers. In fact, you can begin trading with just an initial amount of $200 (considering all charges and fees).
  • 24/7 trading: Traders can trade at any time on eToro, as the market is open around the clock.
  • Low fees: Fees on crypto trading transactions are relatively low on eToro. Typically, you will only have to pay spreads and overnight fees on CFDs outside the USA.

Unique Features

What sets eToro apart from other brokerages is its unique community and automated trading models. It also has powerful tools for portfolio analysis and offers a suitable selection of standard brokerage features, like watch lists, price alerts, news feeds, and customized charts.

selection of standard brokerage features, like watch lists, price alerts, news feeds, and customized charts.

Social Trading Community

Navigating to a specific coin or managed portfolio provides access to a dedicated feed of user content for that asset or offering. This is a fantastic way to get insights and ideas from other crypto investors, as well as connect with like-minded individuals. This can be helpful as users can learn about the market, find new investment ideas, and get real-time feedback on their own trades.


The CopyTrader tool is available to all eToro users, and it is a great way to get started. Simply choose the trader you want to copy, and the tool will automatically execute the trade for you. You can also set parameters, like how much of your portfolio you want to allocate to the copied trade.

eToro’s related offering, SmartPortfolios, replicates the performance of portfolios managed by eToro effectively. Therefore, using it is like having a no-fee robo-advisor that requires little to no effort from you.

eToro CopyTrader
eToro CopyTrader

What is the Downside to eToro?

Perhaps the biggest downside to eToro is its fees, particularly its withdrawal and currency conversion fees. U.S. customers do not have to pay a conversion fee, but there is a $30 minimum amount for withdrawals, on top a flat fee of $5.

For those outside the U.S., eToro charges a $5 withdrawal fee plus a conversion fee. The currency conversion fee starts at 50 basis points (bps) and applies to deposits or withdrawals made in currencies other than US Dollar denominations.

eToro also charges a $10 monthly inactivity fee for accounts that have been inactive for more than a year.

If users want to transfer crypto from into the eToro Money crypto wallet, they will have to pay a fee as well.

Currently, eToro is free to download in almost all U.S. states and territories, except: American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico.

The platform is also currently not accessible to American armed forces in the Americas, Europe, and U.S. Virgin Islands. The same principle applies to U.S. citizens living outside the States.

Additionally, U.S. residents are prohibited from trading with leverage or use CFDs.

eToro Crypto Fees

Deposit Fee $0
Credit/Debit card Deposit Fees $0
E-wallets Deposit Fees $0
Bank transfer Deposit Fees $0
Withdrawal Fee $5
Credit/Debit card Withdrawl Fees $5
E-wallets Withdrawl Fees $5
Bank transfer Withdrawl Fees $5
Inactivity Fees check
Swap Fees(Instead of Overnight Fees) check
Spread / Commission Fees check
Currency conversion Fee check
Max Leverage 1:2
Minimum Spread 477.0

Here is a more detailed look at eToro’s crypto fees:

Trading Fees

As mentioned earlier, eToro levies a 1% fee when users buy or sell cryptocurrencies. This is on top of the variable spread charged for each trade.

The spread is the difference in value between the offer price and ask price for that same asset. So, for example, buying $100 worth of Bitcoin on eToro would cost you $1 in fees plus the spread.

A common complaint about eToro is that while it does explain its fees on its site, the company lacks transparency on how much you pay per trade. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges that clearly specify how much money you will have to pay; the fee is built into the price you see on the screen.

As such, you should verify this by comparing the cost eToro offers for the asset with a cryptocurrency data website.

Here is a quick overview of crypto fees on eToro:

Buying and selling crypto: 1%

eToro charges a fee of 1% for every purchase or sale of cryptocurrency on the platform. According to eToro, the fee is included in the price shown whenever a user opens or closes a position. This fee is added to the bid-ask spread or market price.

Also, for transactions on Luna Classic (LUNC), eToro adds an operational fee of 0.6% in compliance with the Terra blockchain’s 1.2% tax burn mechanism.

Withdrawal fee: $5

All withdrawal requests on the platform are subject to a flat fee of $5, and a minimum withdrawable amount of $30 per transaction. This is in addition to any charges required by one’s funding provider, such as a credit card provider or bank. All non-USD withdrawals are also subject to conversion fees on top of the $5 flat fee.

Inactivity fee: $10

A monthly inactivity fee of $10 is charged to users with no trading activity for 12 months or more. This will be charged to the user’s remaining available balance. eToro also assures users that open positions will not be closed for the sake of covering inactivity fees.

Deposit fee: free

There is no deposit fee on eToro, but there are minimum deposit amounts per transaction, as well as for initial deposits. The amounts vary per location, and are as follows:

Country of ResidencyMinimum Initial Deposit
United States
United Kingdom
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia
Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey
Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia
Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway
Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania
Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand
United Arab Emirates, Vatican City, Vietnam
Cayman Islands, French Polynesia Gibraltar
Isle Of Man, Jersey Island, Kuwait, Reunion Island
Other eligible countries not listed above$200

In addition to minim amounts set for initial deposits, eToro also requires a minimum deposit amount of at least $10 in the US and the UK, and $50 in all other locations– per transaction.

For deposits made via bank transfer, the minimum amount per transaction is $500. For corporate accounts, the minimum initial deposit is $10,000.

Overnight fees

Overnight fees, or rollover fees, are charged daily for crypto CFDs. They are payments made for holding a position overnight. The fees depend on the value of your position, as well as the direction (buy or sell).

Overnight fees are deducted from a user’s available balance.

Conversion fees

Because all withdrawals and deposits must be conducted in USD on eToro, all non-USD transactions are subject to conversion fees. Conversion fees are charged according to pips, or percentage in point/price interest point. The usual spot rate has a mark-up of 50 pips.

eToro money crypto wallet

The fees for eToro Money Crypto wallet are as follows:

  • Sending and receiving: There are no fees to send or receive transactions on eToro
  • Crypto-to-crypto conversion: eToro charges a fee of 0.1% for each conversion. According to eToro, conversions are priced at eToro market rates
  • Crypto transfer fee: When you send money from the eToro investment app to the eToro money crypto wallet, you will be charged a portion fee, which is determined by eToro at the time of your request.

How do I send cryptocurrencies from my eToro money crypto wallet to another wallet?

This is what you need to do if you want to move any of the eToro-supported coins to an external wallet:

  1. Open the eToro money app on your device and log in
  2. On the ‘Crypto’ tab, select the type of cryptocurrency you want to send
  3. On the next page, you will select how much money to send and input the recipient’s public address. You can either type in their public address or scan their QR code by tapping the camera icon
  4. Tap ‘Send’ when you are sure that the address has been entered correctly
  5. A verification code will be delivered to your phone through text message. Enter the code you obtained and press ‘Verify.’
  6. After you confirm that you want to send your request, a screen will appear confirming that your request has been received. You can check the status of your request by going to the ‘Transactions’ screen.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Funding methodSupportedMinimum DepositMinimum Withdrawal
Bank wire check $500 – $10,000 $30
Credit Card check $10 – $10,000 $30
PayPal check $10 – $10,000 $30
Skrill check $50 – $200 $30
Neteller check $50 – $200 $30
FastPay uncheck
UnionPay uncheck
PayRedeem uncheck
PerfectMoney uncheck
POLi Payments check $50 – $200 $30
Przelewy 24 check $50 – $200 $30
Payoneer check $50 – $200 $30
Rapid Transfer uncheck
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eToroX fees

Our Daily Crypto review discovered that there are no fees for crypto deposits on eToroX. Regardless of your monthly or weekly trading volume, eToroX charges a 5bps (0.05%) default rate for all clients.

eToroX, similarly to most exchanges, uses a maker-taker model with makers being those who add limit orders to the order book, and takers being those who fulfill existing orders from the order book. Takers are charged a lower fee or offered a rebate for removing market liquidity.

Withdrawal fees vary depending on the coins you are withdrawing and will be disclosed at the time of your withdrawal. The withdrawal limit is 10k USD over 24 hours, and transactions over this limit will take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for approval. Per eToro, the eToroX crypto exchange is no longer available for retail traders, who may use the eToro trading platform to transact in crypto.

eToro Leverage

eToro has leverage levels ranging from 2:1 to 30:1. Retail customers can leverage stock and Forex trades on crypto pairs up to x5 and x30, respectively.

To put it simply, any asset traded with leverage is offered as a CFD. However, eToro stock trading allows for 1:1 major stock trades where the trader can own the assets. You will want the value of your CFD to fluctuate in a way that is favorable to you so that after finance and costs are deducted, you are still left with a profit.

If you keep your positions open overnight, you will have to pay eToro’s holding costs for that period – which is common among online brokers in the industry.

Without leverage, you may trade stocks on eToro with no additional financing. You will save money on markups in the asset prices and will not have to worry about overnight fees because you will be trading with your own money. Trading with only your own money also means that you will be the owner of the underlying assets.

eToro Supported Cryptocurrencies

eToro currently offers 78 cryptocurrencies that can be traded, purchased, or sold. The list of eToro supported coins is constantly growing, so it is always best to check directly on the platform to secure an updated list of what cryptocurrencies eToro supports.

Here is a complete list of the cryptocurrencies that can be accessed on eToro:

Coin nameCoin SymbolCoin icon
Axie InfinityAXSAxie Infinity
Balancer (BAL)BALBalancer (BAL)
Band ProtocolBANDBand Protocol
Basic Attention TokenBATBasic Attention Token
Bitcoin CashBCHBitcoin Cash
Build and BuildBNBBuild and Build
Cartesi (CTSI)CTSICartesi (CTSI)
Ethereum ClassicETCEthereum Classic
Ethereum Name ServiceENSEthereum Name Service
Hedera HashgraphHBARHedera Hashgraph
Immutable XIMXImmutable X
Kyber NetworkKNCKyber Network
My Neighbor AliceALICEMy Neighbor Alice
Original ProtocolOGNOriginal Protocol
Shiba (in millions)SHIBxMShiba (in millions)
Terra 2.0LUNA2Terra 2.0
Terra Luna ClassicLUNCTerra Luna Classic
The GraphGRTThe Graph
The SandboxSANDThe Sandbox
Universal Market AccessUMAUniversal Market Access

Is My Crypto Safe with eToro?

Yes, your crypto is safe with eToro. eToro is a regulated financial services company with licenses in multiple jurisdictions, including the UK, U.S., Europe, and Oceania. The company is regulated by tier-1 financial regulators, such as:

  • U.S: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • UK: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • EU: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Australia: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

eToro uses 2-factor authentication (2FA) to protect user accounts. This means that in addition to entering your username and password, you will also need to input a code that has been sent to your phone or email.

eToro users’ funds are also kept in secured tier 1 banks. Up to $250,000 of the cash you deposit into your eToro account is held in FDIC-insured U.S. banks that are regulated and licensed.

Personal information is always kept secure under SSL encryption on eToro. As the user, you have complete control over your account settings – your data is never shared nor sold to third parties.

eToro Trading Platform

Proprietary Platform check
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) uncheck
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) uncheck
cTrader uncheck
DupliTrade uncheck
ZuluTrade uncheck

Is eToro a Good Crypto Trading Platform?

eToro is a great crypto trading platform for those outside the U.S. who want to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage, as well as those who want to buy and hold cryptos. The platform is user-friendly and has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced traders.

Many eToro crypto reviews suggest that one of its strongest features is its user experience- simple, effective, and incredibly intuitive. eToro also has unique features that set it apart from other platforms, such as its CopyTrader function and its ability to move coins off the platform.

eToro does not offer the same range of assets as certain other platforms. However, it does cover all the major coins, so most users will be satisfied with what is on offer. Based on these factors, eToro is a desirable choice for those looking for a secure, dependable, and user-friendly crypto trading platform.

eToro Mobile Apps

eToro has two different apps that are accessible on Android and iOS devices: the eToro Cryptocurrency Trading app and the eToro Money wallet app. The trading app is like the web platform, while the wallet app allows users to send or receive tokens. It also enables the conversion of cryptocurrencies into other coins.

The eToro Money wallet app is the only way to take coins off the eToro platform. This is a must-have if you want to secure your cryptocurrency assets in an offline cold wallet for maximum protection. eToro allows you to move your coins off their platform, giving them a competitive advantage over competitors who do not offer this feature.

eToro Crypto Wallet
eToro Crypto Wallet

How Do You Trade Cryptocurrency on eToro?

eToro has two primary methods for trading cryptocurrencies:

1.     Buying the underlying asset

Buying the underlying asset means exchanging fiat money for crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or XRP. When you purchase a crypto asset through eToro, they buy the tokens on your behalf and store them in a segregated account in your name. If the price of a crypto asset rises while you own it, you will make money. But if the price drops, you will suffer a loss.

The major benefit of this method is that the crypto asset is entirely yours. This implies that the tokens are yours to keep and use as you see fit. You can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, send them to people, or pay for goods and services with them.

2.     Trading crypto with CFDs (for non-US persons)

When you trade a crypto asset via a CFD, you are wagering on the future price movement of the asset. Unlike traditional trading, though, you do not own the asset itself. For example, if you buy $1,000 worth of Bitcoin CFDs, and prices of Bitcoin rises, you will make a profit, but will not possess any BTC tokens.

One advantage of trading crypto with CFDs is that you can trade both ways, long or short. This means that you have the potential to profit from both upward price rises and downward price drops.

If you think a cryptocurrency will go up in value, you could do a BUY CFD trade (going long). However, if you believe the asset will drop in price, you could enter a SELL CFD trade (going short).

CFDs are safe to use, especially when trading with brokers such as eToro that are regulated by the UK FCA, CySEC, and ASIC.

Opening an eToro Account

Here is a step-by-step guide to opening an account on eToro:

  1. On eToro’s website, find and click the “Join Now” or “Trade Now” button
  2. On the next page, you will find an electronic form that allows you to submit all the necessary personal information to open a new trading account
  3. Fill out the form (or login via Gmail or Facebook)
  4. Review eToro’s Terms & Conditions and privacy policy, and click the appropriate boxes to indicate your agreement
  5. Click the “sign-up” button to submit your information

In compliance with KYC (know your customer) procedures, new investors are required to provide a confirmation of residence, such as a utility bill dated within the last 3 months, and proof of identity like a passport or any other form of officially issued photo ID.

eToro will also request new investors to fill out a questionnaire as part of the KYC process, to better understand how they can tailor a service package specifically for you. Examples of information that could be requested include queries about your profession, knowledge of capital markets, financial liquidity, the level of risk you are comfortable with, and your investment goals.

What is eToro Crypto Portfolio?

The eToro crypto portfolio is a list which displays all the assets, CopyTraders, and Smart Portfolios you have invested in. Tapping or clicking on any item in the list will provide a trade breakdown with more detailed information and available actions.

You can also view your investment history for each asset, CopyTrader, and Smart Portfolio. This is a great way to track your progress and see how your investments have been performing over time. To view your investment history, click the ‘My Portfolio’ menu at the top of the screen.

The ‘Filters’ function enables you to view only the data you want to see. This is a fantastic way to quickly find what you are looking for and keep your portfolio organized. You may filter your portfolio based on what you want to see by going under ‘My Portfolio’ and selecting the appropriate filters from:

  • Asset type
  • Orders
  • Manual trades
  • People
  • Smart portfolios

eToro Regulation and Security

Country of the RegulatorName of the RegulatorLicence Number
AustraliaAUSTRAC – Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre491139
United KingdomFCA – Financial Conduct Authority583263
SeychellesFSA – Financial Services AuthoritySD076
CyprusCySEC – Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission109/10
AustraliaASIC – Australian Securities & Investment Commission491139

Customer Service

Customer Support
Days Monday to Friday
Hours 07:00 – 16:00
Live Chat check
Email check
Phone check
Supported Languages English / Spanish / Hebrew
How fast was customer support when we tried? Slow

Why Should I Use eToro?

eToro is a highly regulated trading and investment platform that can help users leverage the wisdom of the crowd to make better investment decisions. With millions of registered users, eToro is one of the largest social trading platforms in the world.

Some of the benefits of using eToro are:

  • Access to a wide range of assets: eToro offers users access to a wide range of asset classes, including crypto, stocks, commodities, indices, and more
  • Social trading: eToro is one of the largest social trading platforms in the world
  • Fully regulated: eToro is a fully regulated investment platform, ensuring that your money is safe and secure
  • Everything is updated in real time: Information in eToro is updated in real time, so you can always stay up to date with the latest market movements
  • Personalized trading: Customize your trading dashboard to suit your strategy and preferences

Cross-device experience: With eToro, you can enjoy a seamless and cohesive journey across all your devices – no matter your level of expertise or where you are in your financial goals.


Investment and trading platforms like eToro can be a great way for individuals to make smarter investment decisions and grow their portfolios. As with anything investment-related, however, it is important to do your own research and understand the risks involved before getting started.

As mentioned, eToro’s main value proposition is its social copy trading capability. However, it is important to note that you can also lose money by investing in Forex, stocks, and even CFDs, even with a platform like EToro.

If you want to be successful at eToro as a trader, it is essential that you make prudent trading choices and options while also managing your risks effectively. This will help keep your average losses low in comparison to your profits over an extended period.


  • Is eToro SEC regulated?
    Yes, stock trading in the U.S. is SEC regulated.
  • Is eToro a certified broker?
    Yes, eToro is a licensed and regulated broker.
  • Can you trade crypto with eToro?
    You can trade cryptocurrencies with eToro, including major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the more popular altcoins.
  • Is eToro good for cryptos?
    eToro is a great platform for buying, selling, trading, and converting crypto. Inexperienced users can learn the ropes with a demo account, as well as through the social trading features.
  • Is eToro the best crypto broker for beginners?
    Based on its ease of use and unique features, eToro can be considered among the top crypto brokers for beginners and experienced traders alike.
  • How much money do I need to start with eToro?
    eToro has a minimum deposit of $10 in some countries, which is a low amount compared to most other investment platforms.
  • Why is crypto cheaper on eToro?
    eToro users can buy cheaper crypto on the platform because of its zero commissions and zero hidden fees policies.
  • Can I withdraw my crypto from eToro?
    Users can take their funds off the platform by using the eToro Money crypto wallet app.
  • How do I sell my crypto on eToro?
    To sell your crypto on eToro, select the crypto you want to sell from their portfolio, and click on the red cross icon beside it to execute the trade.
  • Do you own the crypto you buy on eToro?
    Yes, when you buy crypto on eToro, they purchase it on your behalf and open an account under your name. If you are trading CFDs, you do not own the crypto.
  • Does eToro charge for leverage?
    Yes, leveraged trades on eToro incur overnight fees.
  • Can you exchange crypto on eToro?
    Yes, the eToro crypto exchange is accessible via the web platform or mobile app.
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