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Best Crypto Scalping Brokers
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What are the Best Trading Platforms for Scalping Crypto in 2024?

If you’re looking to get into the world of crypto scalping, then you’ll need to find the best trading platforms for scalping.

Picking the right exchange is key to a successful cryptocurrency scalping trading strategy, as scalpers rely on making small profits frequently.

In this article, we’ll provide a shortlist and guide to finding the best brokers for scalping. Ready to get into this exciting and potentially profitable form of trading? Keep reading to find the best crypto scalping platform for your needs.

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Best Crypto Scalping Brokers

  • Minimum Deposit : $5
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : CySec / FSA / FSCA / VFSC
  • Minimum Deposit : $0
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : FMA / FSA
  • Minimum Deposit : $100
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : ASIC / SCB
  • Minimum Deposit : $0
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : ASIC / BaFin / CMA / CySEC / DFSA / FCA / SCB
  • Minimum Deposit : $2
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : FCA
  • Minimum Deposit : $0
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : SEC

Top Crypto Scalping Brokers Reviewed


FXGT Broker, a standout in the realm of crypto social trading, provides an innovative and dynamic platform for both novice and seasoned traders. FXGT Broker offers an exceptional sentiment analysis tool, giving traders valuable insights into market trends and investor attitudes.
Additionally, FXGT Broker integrates seamlessly with popular trading forums, allowing users to connect with a community of over 20 million traders.
The platform’s 24/7 trading capability and diverse market access further enhance its appeal, making FXGT Broker a top choice among the best crypto social trading platforms.

  • Pros
  • Wide range of tradeable assets
  • Dynamic and competitive spreads and leverage
  • Suitable for traders of all experience levels
  • Multiple account types
  • Copy and social trading facilities in the crypto segment
  • Cons
  • It is not available in some countries, including the US

BlackBull Markets

Crypto scalping is a popular strategy, and scalpers require deep liquidity, a cutting-edge trading infrastructure with fast order execution, no requotes, and full support for algorithmic trading. BlackBull Markets, the FinTech company headquartered in New Zealand, offers all the above, ranking it highly among the best crypto scalping platforms.

BlackBull Markets presents 10 highly liquid cryptocurrency CFDs with maximum leverage of 1:5, further enhancing its competitive edge. Traders can test their scalping strategies in the BlackBull Markets demo account, while beginners may start their crypto journey with the custom-tailored educational section before using MT4, MT5, or TradingView.

  • Pros
  • User-friendly platforms with excellent trade analysis tools
  • Spreads starting from 0.0 pips
  • Leverage of 1:2 for cryptocurrencies
  • Negative balance protection
  • Cons
  • Limited deposit options


A global Forex and CFD broker, Eightcap is a trusted trading platform and is first on our list of best crypto scalping platforms now.

Regulated and multi-awarded, Eightcap offers crypto traders over 250 crypto derivatives. The platform allows hedging and scalping, and is ideal for high-frequency traders, short-term traders, and scalpers.

Picking the right exchange is key to a successful cryptocurrency scalping trading strategy, as scalpers rely on making small profits frequently.

Best of all, new users are welcome to try a free demo account to get a feel of the platform and its offerings.

  • Pros
  • Smooth account opening and onboarding
  • Superfast trade execution
  • Good trader support with a dedicated account manager
  • Competitive pricing with tight spreads
  • Cons
  • Experience level filters can be added to ease discovery of relevant educational content


Pepperstone is a leader among the best crypto scalping platforms due to its innovative infrastructure, which delivers tight spreads, deep liquidity, and excellent order execution, confirmed by its 99.94% fill rate. Traders get 18 cryptocurrency CFDs and 3 crypto indices, some among the best cryptos to scalp. The trading platform choices are MT4, MT5, and cTrader, with full support for algorithmic trading. The unlimited and fully customizable Pepperstone demo accounts are ideal for scalpers to test strategies.

The most significant advantage for crypto scalpers is Capitalise AI, which allows the creation of algorithmic scalping strategies in a code-free environment.

  • Pros
  • 24/7 trading in crypto CFDs
  • Leverage of 10:1 on all platforms
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Superior trading tools and insights
  • Cons
  • No negative balance protection for clients other than in the UK and EU


Crypto scalpers who scalp less liquid cryptocurrencies, tokens, or other digital assets will usually rank Coinbase among the best crypto scalping platforms. It lists 17,000+ crypto assets and offers exceptional liquidity. Unlike CFD brokers, Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, offers physical cryptocurrency scalping, available 24/7. Its multi-tier taker-maker fee structure lowers costs based on trading volumes, making it suitable for scalping crypto, which usually involves high-volume and high-frequency transactions.

Coinbase also excels with its educational section, which includes paid-for education, allowing beginners to earn $28 in various cryptocurrencies for completing lessons. It also ranks among the most trusted exchanges.

  • Pros
  • Wide choice of cryptocurrencies at 170+ Low minimum requirements for account funding
  • Low minimum requirements for account funding
  • Quick and easy crypto withdrawal
  • High security for crypto wallets with most digital assets being held in secure offline storage.
  • digital assets being held in secure offline storage.
  • Cons
  • Coinbase’s crypto fees are higher than most other crypto exchanges
  • Elaborate identity verification requirements, though this could be seen as a pro!


Robinhood is best for scalping crypto through mobile phones through its mobile app catering to millennial and GenZ traders, which account for the bulk of cryptocurrency traders by volume. Crypto scalpers will scalp physical cryptocurrencies. They can start from as little as $1 in a commission-free environment. Robinhood charges no network fees if traders use the Robinhood web3 wallet, adding to its cost advantage.

Crypto scalpers may opt for Robinhood Gold, a subscription-based service costing $5 monthly for access to trading tools. Given its popularity among younger crypto scalpers, Robinhood is gradually rising to rank among the best crypto scalping platforms.

  • Pros
  • You can start with as low as $1
  • Industry-leading security
  • Ownership of coins
  • Offers wallet plus option of cold wallet
  • Cons
  • Cons No leverage

Crypto Scalping Brokers Compared

EightcapAvaTradeFP Markets
Very low spreads starting at 0 pipsLow spreads starting at 0.9 pipsLow spreads starting at 0 pips
Access to TradingView, MT4, MT5Access to MT4, MT5, and AvaTrade platformsAccess to MT4, MT5, and IRESS
Over trading for over 250 crypto derivativesOffers crypto trading via CFDsOffers CFD crypto trading
Scalping and hedging allowedScalping allowed with multiple research resourcesScalping allowed

What is Scalp Trading in Crypto?

Scalping is a fast-paced, short-term trading technique. A trader uses it to generate profits from tiny price fluctuations every day. Scalping profit requires a high degree of volatility in the pair selected, making crypto markets an ideal playing ground. Exchanges with high liquidity are important to ensure that trades are executed quickly and at one’s desired price.

Essentially, scalpers make profits more frequently by utilizing short-term bursts of volatility, although significant price fluctuations aid in the generation of gains. Crypto scalpers can also use leverage to open more trades while simultaneously utilizing tight stop losses to manage risk.

Given that crypto scalping often involves very short time frames, scalpers also heavily rely on technical analysis for trade ideas. Fundamental narratives may also influence trade decisions from time to time, especially in the event of big news or events that drive interest in specific coins or stocks.

That being said, cryptocurrency scalping is ideal for people with quick decision-making skills, a high-level understanding of market mechanics, and the ability to stomach quick losses.

Best Tools to Scalp Trade Crypto

When scalping crypto, it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal. Here are some of my favorites:

Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots are computer programs that use algorithms to automate your trades. Bots can be very helpful for scalping crypto as they can make trades faster and more efficiently than humans.

Crypto API Tools

API (Application Programming Interface) tools allow you to connect your trading platform to third-party services. This can be very helpful for scalping crypto as it allows you to automate some of your trades.

Crypto Trading Charts 

Charts are an essential tool for scalpers as they allow you to visualize the market and make informed decisions about your trades. There are many different types of charts, but our favorites for scalping crypto are candlestick charts and order book charts.

Scalping Crypto Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of scalping crypto is that it can be a very profitable trading strategy in a volatile market, wherein even small price movements can lead to big profits.

Although the strategy is high-risk, very short positions can be considered low risk since the scalper is only “in the market” for a short period of time. Scalpers can also start small, as the required capital to scalp trade crypto is relatively low. This makes scalping a very accessible trading strategy for those with limited resources.

However, there are also some disadvantages to scalping crypto. One main drawback is that it can be very stressful, as well as time-consuming.

Scalpers can also accumulate losses by taking too many small losses, which can offset any profits made. And for seasoned traders, scalping also demands a heavy investment in trading fees because it necessitates so many trades.


All in all, scalping crypto can be a great way to make money in a volatile market. However, it’s important to remember that like with any trading strategy, there are both risks and rewards involved.

Risk management is probably the most important skill for scalpers to acquire. Risk management decisions can have a considerably bigger impact on the financial performance of the investment portfolio than entry and exit points do.

The key to being a proficient crypto scalper is to learn how to interpret charts and various crypto trading strategies. Scalping takes a lot of time, but it also demands strict discipline from the trader.


  • What is scalping?
    Scalping is a trading strategy wherein traders take advantage of small price movements in the market.
  • Can you scalp with crypto?
    Yes, scalping is a popular trading strategy for those trading cryptocurrencies, although the relatively large spreads on many cryptocurrency pairs can make it more challenging than scalping Forex.
  • Is crypto scalping profitable?
    Yes, scalping can be a very profitable trading strategy in a volatile market, wherein even small price movements can lead to big profits.
  • What is scalping in crypto trading?
    Crypto scalpers open and close their positions very quickly, holding them for just a few minutes or even seconds at a time.
  • How is scalping different in crypto?
    Crypto scalping is different from other types of scalping in that it takes advantage of the volatile nature of the market to make profits from small price movements.
  • Is scalping better than day trading?
    Scalping is better than day trading if your goal is to make profits from small price movements.
  • Is crypto scalp trading for everyone?
    Scalping is best suited for those who are comfortable with taking risks and who have the time to dedicate to the process.
  • Is scalping crypto good for beginners?
    Beginners can scalp crypto, but it is important to remember that scalping is a high-risk trading strategy.
  • What are the best crypto scalping signals?
    The EMA (exponential moving average) indicator is regarded as one of the finest scalping indicators since it reacts more swiftly to current price fluctuations than to prior changes.
  • How do you become a successful scalper?
    Some best practices include staying up to date with market news, having a well-thought-out trading strategy, and practicing with a demo account before risking any real money.
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