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Top 5 Crypto Demo Accounts for 2023
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Best Crypto Demo Trading Accounts

If you’re a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency trading, finding a reputable broker with a top-notch demo account can serve as a great learning and practice tool for live trading.

But with so many options out there, how can you find the best demo account for crypto trading? Look no further – I’ve compiled a useful list of my top picks of brokers offering exceptional crypto demo accounts to learn the basics of trading this new asset and hone your trading skills.

Ready to start your demo trading account crypto journey?

Top 5 Crypto Demo Accounts for 2023

  • Minimum Deposit : $5
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : CySec / FSA / FSCA / VFSC
  • Minimum Deposit : $100
  • Fees : Competitive
  • Regulations : ASIC / CySEC / FSA / FSC / FSCA
  • Minimum Deposit : $0
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : FMA / FSA
  • Minimum Deposit : $100
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : ASIC / SCB
  • Minimum Deposit : $0
  • Fees : Very Competitive
  • Regulations : ASIC / BaFin / CMA / CySEC / DFSA / FCA / SCB

Best Cryptocurrency Demo Trading Accounts Reviewed


FXGT Broker, a standout in the realm of crypto social trading, provides an innovative and dynamic platform for both novice and seasoned traders. FXGT Broker offers an exceptional sentiment analysis tool, giving traders valuable insights into market trends and investor attitudes.
Additionally, FXGT Broker integrates seamlessly with popular trading forums, allowing users to connect with a community of over 20 million traders.
The platform’s 24/7 trading capability and diverse market access further enhance its appeal, making FXGT Broker a top choice among the best crypto social trading platforms.

  • Pros
  • Wide range of tradeable assets
  • Dynamic and competitive spreads and leverage
  • Suitable for traders of all experience levels
  • Multiple account types
  • Copy and social trading facilities in the crypto segment
  • Cons
  • It is not available in some countries, including the US


AvaTrade’s demo trading account for crypto offers a generous amount of virtual funds ($100,000) and allows traders to assess their strategies for 21 days. The account can be easily extended by contacting customer support. Users can also open multiple demo accounts.

AvaTrade is a well-known brand in the trading space, offering a variety of cryptocurrency instruments for trading. As such, it offers one of the best crypto demo accounts for those looking to get hands-on experience with trading cryptocurrencies.

One of AvaTrade’s best qualities is that it focuses on privacy and security, ensuring that all personal data is fully protected. In addition, its crypto-related content is incredibly informative, telling traders of all the risks and rewards associated with trading crypto assets.

  • Pros
  • Trading in crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat pairs
  • Wide variety of research tools and useful signals
  • Advanced platforms for copy trading and social trading
  • Educational resources for all levels of traders
  • Cons
  • High inactivity fee

BlackBull Markets

The BlackBull Markets cryptocurrency demo trading platform has a default 30-day time limit with a virtual balance of $100,000. Crypto traders can ask for an extension, and customer support is available 24/7 to facilitate requests, placing the BlackBull Markets demo account among the best crypto demo accounts.

Crypto traders can evaluate the trading conditions of the ten cryptocurrency CFDs on the MT4/MT5 trading platforms. Beginners can incorporate custom-tailored BlackBull Markets cryptocurrency educational content into their demo experience. Once traders are ready, the switch to live trading is frictionless, and there is no minimum deposit on the ECN Standard account.

  • Pros
  • User-friendly platforms with excellent trade analysis tools
  • Spreads starting from 0.0 pips
  • Leverage of 1:2 for cryptocurrencies
  • Negative balance protection
  • Cons
  • Limited deposit options


This Australian based broker offers a standout cryptocurrency demo trading platform, allotting $100,000 in virtual funds and a 30-day time limit on use. It also includes full access to trading tools and resources, as well as all available cryptocurrencies tradable as CFDs.

Eightcap is a regulated cryptocurrency broker and offers over 250 crypto derivatives. An Eightcap demo account may also be extended beyond 30 days upon request. However, a user can also open as many demo accounts as they wish. For these reasons, the provider has one of the best crypto demo accounts on the market.

  • Pros
  • Smooth account opening and onboarding
  • Superfast trade execution
  • Good trader support with a dedicated account manager
  • Competitive pricing with tight spreads
  • Cons
  • Experience level filters can be added to ease discovery of relevant educational content


Pepperstone understands the needs of a demo crypto trading account and offers funded clients unlimited and fully customizable demo accounts. The secure and user-friendly app allows traders to manage their crypto demo accounts similarly to live portfolios. It positions the Pepperstone crypto demo account as among the best in the industry.

Crypto traders can evaluate the spreads, liquidity, and order execution, where the fill rate is 99.94% at Pepperstone, of the 18 cryptocurrency CFDs and 3 crypto indices in MT4/MT5 demo accounts. Switching to live trading includes the benefits of Capitalise AI, enabling algorithmic trading in a code-free environment.

  • Pros
  • 24/7 trading in crypto CFDs
  • Leverage of 10:1 on all platforms
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Superior trading tools and insights
  • Cons
  • No negative balance protection for clients other than in the UK and EU

 What is a Crypto Demo Account?

A crypto demo account is a virtual trading platform that allows traders to evaluate their trading strategies using simulated funds (also known as ‘paper trading’). This is a great tool for both beginners and experienced traders, as it offers the opportunity to practice without risking real money. By using a demo account, traders can also familiarize themselves with the features and tools on offer and get firsthand user experience with a new trading platform.

Most platforms offer demo accounts for free, and some brokers even allow unlimited usage. However, it’s important to remember that the market conditions in a demo account may not always reflect those of the actual market as you are trading in simulated liquidity. Thus, it’s crucial to treat a demo account as a learning tool rather than an indicator of future success in live trading particularly if you are trading in volatile markets.

What is the Benefit of a Demo Account?

The main benefit of a demo account is the opportunity to practice and improve trading skills in a zero-risk environment without having to use actual money. This allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the markets and develop a trading strategy or get used to using a new platform, while experienced traders can test out new techniques or plans and how a new broker might measure up against their existing providers The switch over from demo to live is usually pretty easy as the software is the same, its normally the case of behind the scenes the broker connects you to a new server that faces the live market. The benefit here is that you can set up the trading platform as you wish and, in many cases, retain those individual settings for when you ‘go live’.

How to Choose a Crypto Demo Account?

When choosing the best cryptocurrency demo account, consider factors such as the amount of virtual funds provided, the range of tradable assets the trading platforms provides and the specific brokers regulations and reputation.

It’s also important to make sure that the demo account offers a user-friendly trading platform which is stable, and provides adequate educational materials, as these can greatly enhance the learning experience.

It’s also suggested best practice to test out multiple demo accounts before committing to one for live trading. This allows traders to compare features and find the most suitable choice for their needs and preferences.

As a rule, the best demo crypto trading app for you is one that helps improve your trading skills, inspires confidence, and offers a realistic simulation of live markets.

How to use a Crypto Demo Account

The specific steps to using a demo account may vary depending on the platform. However, here is a general guide to using a crypto demo account:

  1. Sign up for the demo account via the brokers website and verify your identity if necessary
  2. Familiarize yourself with the trading platform’s features and tools, the broker will usually be able to supply materials or give you a walkthrough if requested
  3. Set up your virtual portfolio by selecting the cryptocurrencies and other assets you want to trade
  4. Set achievable goals and develop a trading plan
  5. Practice placing trading orders, such as buying and selling, using the virtual funds in your account and familiarize yourself with stop loss and take profit orders attached to positions to manage risk
  6. Monitor and adjust your trades based on market movements and learn how to use an acceptable level of leverage for your risk profile
  7. Use the demo account as a learning tool to improve your trading strategy and skills and make sure you are confident before moving on to live trading


Finding the best demo account for crypto trading ultimately depends on your trading strategy, risk profile, and individual preference.

While demo accounts are risk-free, it’s important to be cautious when developing your trading strategy not to pick up reckless trading habits, like taking trades that do not fit your plan or over trading and taking low conviction trades.

By treating a demo account as if it were a live trading account, users can reduce the possibility of making fundamental mistakes and improve their chances of success in live markets.


  • How do you practice crypto trading?
    One way to practice crypto trading is by using a demo account, which allows users to trade virtual funds and familiarize themselves with the market without risking actual funds.
  • What is demo trading crypto?
    Demo trading crypto refers to using a simulated account to practice and improve trading skills in the cryptocurrency market. A good demo account will present a good representation of the costs of trading like spreads and overnight financing costs which can vary between brokers.
  • Can I trade crypto on a demo account?
    Yes, many demo accounts allow users to trade virtual funds in cryptocurrencies against traditional fiat currencies like USD and against other crypto assets like BTC/ETH.
  • Are crypto demo accounts free?
    Generally, demo accounts do not require any fees, though some may have certain requirements like verifying one’s identity or maintaining a minimum account balance. Usage is often limited to a month.
  • Is the crypto demo account suitable for beginners?
    Yes. Demo accounts can be helpful for both beginners and experienced traders. Beginners can learn about the markets and develop a trading strategy, while experienced traders can use demo accounts to test out new strategies or familiarize themselves with a new trading platform.
  • Can you withdraw profit from a demo account?
    No, as the funds in a demo account are virtual and not real money, any profits made cannot be withdrawn as they only exist on paper.
  • Which account is best for cryptocurrency trading?
    This ultimately depends on the individual’s specific requirements that may be related to their strategy and preferences, but the brokerage accounts outlined in this article are great places to get started.
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