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We are a team of analysts, journalists, and publishers who are experts in our fields with experience covering capital markets across all asset classes. We’ve been analyzing brokers, exchanges, markets, and a wide range of financial services providers for over a decade. Our mission is clear: to provide accurate, realistic, and actionable data to help you, the retail trader or investor, make an informed decision about how to best participate in the crypto revolution while protecting you from the charlatans within the crypto world.

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Our Review Process

DailyCrypto prides itself on its reviewing and screening process. Our team of financial analysts and experts assesses a comprehensive range of over 100 key data points, which are divided into nine sections and fed into our proprietary algorithm, Real Rate, to produce an overall rating.


We carefully assess leading cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges, their regulation, safety, fees, and selection of crypto assets. Our evaluations of their trading platforms, account types, unique features, and more are also factored in.


The accuracy of our reviews is assured through in-depth research, and while algorithmic assessment is important, there is no substitute for human judgment, so we employ a hybrid approach.


Our team of expert traders and analysts, all of whom have a wealth of market knowledge, perform detailed background research, in addition to opening a live account with the service provider, depositing funds, and gaining real experience. Moreover, we understand the value of our community’s personal experience and incorporate feedback from readers about their service providers in our evaluations.


We closely follow the news about the crypto industry and ensure that our reviews and updated bi-annually to maintain a trusted and transparent approach, so our readers will get accurate, up-to-date information.


Comprehensive Crypto Guides

In addition to reviews, we also offer in-depth guides to crypto-related topics, such as the blockchain, mining, decentralized finance, NFTs, staking, stablecoins, and many more.


We also explore emerging industry trends and provide detailed overviews of a huge array of popular established and emerging cryptocurrencies. We evaluate their function, growth potential, and competitive advantage, as well as provide information about where they can be bought and used.


We are constantly monitoring the news and checking in with our industry contacts on an ongoing basis for new legislative developments, emerging trends, new digital assets, and blockchain-based technologies.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to break down the barriers to entry in the crypto space, making complex concepts easily accessible. explains the ideas underlying the blockchain and the digital currency markets clearly and simply.


We are also committed to protecting our readers by examining the utility and potential viability of all different types of cryptocurrencies and reviewing the security and trustworthiness of all the key brokers and exchanges in the crypto arena. In a rapidly evolving market, where unfortunately, under-regulation has enabled untrustworthy entities to thrive, is a trusted voice that aims to safeguard our readers’ crypto capital from bad actors.


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